Look Into The Future, The Secret Of Successful Entrepreneurs

In growing a business, it is crucial that you got a purpose.  Looking forward to the future will inspire you to keep going and encourage you to be wise and firm as you meet the bumps on the road.  When thinking of your purpose, it is essential to consider your target customers.

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High-profile entrepreneurs share their insights on how you could launch your dream business, sustain, and make it big.


  1. Create a business with a deeper purpose. It will help your business if one of your objectives is to support the causes you believe in.

Jennifer Garner, the co-founder of Once Upon A Farm, says that she’s tired of always asking people for money to fund the charities she is supporting, so she decided to generate money by making people buy items that help them and can help others at the same time.  Earnings from her company help support her philanthropic works, like Ron Finley Project.

You can also do the same when you start your business.  Having the heart for the veterans, elderly, children, orphans, or whichever you wanted to give back to is a great motivation.


  1. 2. Keep a good audited financial record of your company. Jaime Schmidt of Schmidt’s Naturals advised business owners, especially startups, to keep a good financial record because the more accurate accounts you have of your business, the more sellable it will be.  Unilever acquired her company in 2017 for an amount she can’t disclose.


  1. Surround yourself with experienced business leaders and listen to their advice. It’s important to havea business advisor, someone you trust and look up to.  If possible, get them on the board and update them on what’s happening with your business.  They will not hesitate to tell you upfront things you would not like to hear.   And that’s good for it’s the way to see where things might have gone wrong. Deborah Khoshaba Psy.D says you got to “Bring the right people into your life.”


  1. Educate yourself on the business you wanted to get involved in. It’s okay to start small according to New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez.  The thing is you need to get in the game and go deep on just one or two things.  Learn the business and specialize in that field.
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  1. Create a culture that will build up your brand. Jewelry designer, Kendra Scott, believes in the culture of working moms.  Her employees are 95% women, and these are the group of people who are prepared for hard work.


  1. Plan ahead. The marketplace is rapidly growing and evolving, especially now that billion people make their purchase online, and predicted that the number would be more by 2020.  Be sure that your company can keep up with the changes brought by time and technology. Note that “We only have control of ourselves and our own desire for growth and change.” Nikki Martinez, Psy.D. LCPC says.


  1. Wear your customer’s shoes. If you are the customer, how would you like to be treated?  Prioritizing your customer’s experience by creating a lively and proactive environment for them allows your customer to feel uniquely special.
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  1. Own your mistakes. “No one likes to fail, but some people take it harder than others,”  counselor Monte Drenner explains. You’re not perfect, so it’s okay to make mistakes.  Failures are part of innovation.   That’s how great technology came to be.  So, don’t stop on exploring and trying new things.  If you fail, pick up all the lessons you may carry with you as you continue on your journey to success.

We admired successful entrepreneurs and wanted to follow in their footsteps.  In doing so, it’s important not to be disheartened and discouraged when trials and failures knock on your door, for that’s their greatest secret for making it big.  They look into the future, not just with optimism, but with good heart, wisdom, strength, and firm belief on their purpose.



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