How To Make Your Business Family-Friendly

Opening a business is a lifelong dream for so many individuals out there. After all, it promises many things, with being your own boss on top of the list. You will need to work like a dog, especially in the beginning, but at least you are making yourself richer in the process, not your superiors.

Being a business owner also entails that you get to pick whoever becomes a part of your team. That seems an impossible feat when you hold a position in a company where you are merely expected to join a pre-determined group for a project. Even if someone is slacking off or has an awful attitude, you practically need to suck it up or look for another job.

Of course, once you have a business, there is no limit to how much money you can make monthly. Considering you don’t have partners or loans, every cent is yours, and there is no reason to feel guilty. Hence, the road to financial freedom becomes more apparent than ever.

Perks aside, though, it is a sustainable idea to ensure that your business is family-friendly. Below are a few things that will help you guarantee that.


Make Products For All Ages

The first thing you can do is look at the products that you will be launching. Then, answer the following questions:

    • Do you have useful items for people of different ages?
    • Are they affordable enough for working dads and moms?
    • Are they essential to a family?

Some examples of products for all ages include toothpaste, toothbrush, water, clothes, food, etc. Say, if you open a Korean restaurant, you should have both white and red kimchi so that both kids and parents can get options. In case you have clothing stores, you may create garments in a broad range of sizes since that will be a hit to families that love to wear matching clothes.


Set Up Interactive Sections For Adults And Children

A shop becomes family-friendly in an instant when you dedicate a section of it to interactivity. The most cost-effective way to do that is by setting up a picture wall on one side. It can follow the theme going on throughout the store or merely look like a garden wall. As long as your brand name or logo will always be in the frame, that will be great for the business.

Similarly, if there is no cap in your promotional budget, you may get touch-capacitive TVs that folks can use to see all your products. When you place it front and center of the store or right behind the glass wall, it will attract a lot of attention from curious children, who will undoubtedly pull their moms and dads into your shop.


Avoid Using Lewd Words Or Photos

Some business owners seem to get away with adding curse words or sexy photos around the stores, and that’s okay if the adults are your target market. However, considering you wish for children to grow up trusting your products, you need to let go of those things completely.

One of the businesses that exemplify that is the Japanese brand UNIQLO. When you visit any of their shops, you will notice a wide variety of clothes for men, women, and children. They come in various colors, types, fabrics, and sizes, yes, but most of them have a plain design. The graphic designs are concentrated on the T-shirts, although even those depict products of famous brands that they partner with. E.g., Coca-Cola, Disney, Sanrio, etc. Hence, everything remains child-friendly.


Offer Freebies

The key to every promotional campaign is a freebie. With every purchase, you give the shopper an item, free of charge. It does not even need to be a full-sized version of what you have in store. You may manufacture keychains, stuffed toys, pens, and other products that are only for marketing purposes.

Offering freebies is a family-friendly thing because parents always love an excellent deal. Of course, it will be ideal to give them products at mid-range prices, but providing high-quality ones with free items may encourage them to buy something from your brand. That is especially true if your freebies are either too cute or too useful to pass up.


Final Thoughts

Assuming you are finalizing your business plan, there is still time to change a few things to make them more family-friendly. This way, you can launch your brand as such, and you won’t need to alter anything in the future.

In case rebranding is the only choice you have, though, it is not a problem. As with anything, come up with a new plan and execute it slowly but surely to make your business mental health friendly. Say, when a product line becomes sold out, you replace it with another one that’s suitable for kids and adults. Even if you don’t say it, it will be evident that you are gearing towards making your business family-friendly.

Good luck!

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