Tourism In Lamesa Texas

Situated in the southern part of Lubbock on Llano Estacado, Lamesa is an old city with a charming atmosphere. It thrives on cotton farming and cattle ranching. The people are friendly and usually know each other from generations. With its semi-arid climate, Lamesa is known for its hot summers and snowy cold winters.

If you’re a traveler and planning to visit Texas, don’t miss passing by Lamesa and taking advantage of the handful of recreational activities that will add to your fun and cherished moments in the state of Texas.

What To Do And See In Lamesa

Dal Paso Museum

When you enter the museum, you will immediately feel the 1900s air around, with its old church and other architectural memorabilia. It displays furniture and tools that were utilized by original Lamesa ancestors. Other things you can appreciate inside include some agricultural equipment, old military uniforms, Madame Alexander dolls, and a courthouse setting with a 1900s theme. It also has old art and medical exhibits that kids and families will enjoy.

The museum is located within the premises of the original Dal Paso Hotel constructed in 1926. It was inaugurated as a museum and had its grand opening in December 1987.

Lamesa Golf Courses

There are two golf courses that golf enthusiasts can visit in the city – the Municipal Golf Course and the Country Club Golf Course.


The Country Club golf course is a nine-hole playing field situated south of the city, on Highway 87. Many people play 18 holes here during the weekdays when the fees are lower.

The Municipal Club golf course, on the other hand, is the other nine-hole field that is managed by the city. It has over a hundred members and growing, as the fees are cheaper compared to the country club course. The Municipal golf course used to be called Plains Fairway Golf Course.

Lamesa Movieland Theater

A quaint theater that was built in the 1960s, the Movieland Theater was first operated by Norel Theatres. It was closed down in 1999 and in 2001, was reopened and renovated by the community as a non-profit organization. It currently shows first-run movies and would sometimes schedule the showing of classic movies for fundraising activities.

Trice Fish Farms

Run by owner Derry Trice, the Trice Fish Farms is a popular go-to destination for tourists and locals alike. There are camping, fishing, hiking, and canoeing activities available on the grounds. It also hosts family and executive get-togethers, quinceaneras, dance and music events, and outdoor weddings.

Ninth Street Park

If you’re staying for some time in Lamesa, you might want to stroll with your partner while the kids play in the grounds of Ninth Street Park. The park is beautiful with clean and well-manicured surroundings. What’s best is that after relaxing, you can dine in one of the cafes or restaurants near the vicinity.


Sky-Vue Drive-In Theater

A facility that hosts some of the most famous stage and musical shows in the city, this theater is known among tourists as well as locals.

The Sky-Vue Drive-In Theater has a capacity of nearly 600 vehicles and can seat over 300 walk-in audiences. It is well maintained by the farming community of Lamesa, built with a playground, a merry-go-round, and some swings.

Lamesa Municipal Swimming Pool

This public swimming pool is not always open, so you’ll be lucky if you’re visiting in June and July. It’s operated by the city government, with a fee of $3 for adults and $2 for students. It also accepts private parties for kids and adults.



Lamesa is a small city that can be home to tourists who want peace with some relaxing and enjoyable field trips. Don’t miss visiting Lamesa when you’re around Texas!

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