Sustainable Farming Discussion In The 2015 California Climate And Agriculture Summit

The 2015 California Climate and Agriculture Summit open up an avenue to discuss sustainable farming. Since there’s a massive problem with climate change, the summit wants to focus on achieving possible solutions to farming difficulties. With that, there are presentations of the best guidelines that impact production along with environmental stability.


Maximizing Possible Solutions

One of the discussed topics in the summit is the focus of using renewable energy. There’s an emphasis on lesser usage of fossil fuels to reduce climate footprint. There’s a presentation of information on how to use solar panels and wind turbines for production. Aside from that, there’s also an introduction to organic practice. It is where petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers must be replaced with organic farming products. It will not only create a better production, but it will also add climate-friendly benefits such as natural fertility of the soil.

Keeping the Agriculture Green

One of the fundamentals that the summit wants to emphasize is the practice of land management. These include restoring riparian zones, planting hedgerows, and reforesting rangelands. Not only it does provide shelter for wildlife; it will also benefit human in healthy food production. Along with the advocacy is the reduction of livestock methane emission. The goal of holistic pasture-based management is to avoid water pollution and decrease harmful methane emission.


With one necessary step, everything can potentially change. Since the worst enemy of the world today is pollution and climate change, sustainable management is vital. The summit wants to encourage industries and organizations to walk hand-in-hand in protecting wildlife habitat, promoting biodiversity, and preserving organic food resources by creating an eco-friendly impact.

People might have a hard time processing these fundamental changes. But if ever they do, there will become a massive change in developing a more healthier and sustainable environment.