The Psychology Of Christmas And Santa

It’s overwhelming how things have changed throughout the century – the climate change, internet, social media, transportation, even life expectancy of human beings evolved.  But one thing remained the same-  the excitement we feel and the way we all celebrate Christmas.  No matter how hard life has become, the joy and enthusiasm that comes with the holidays continue.


The Psychology Of Christmas

We are created to latch onto our habits, and we hold on to things that are familiar and make us feel comfortable.  We are wired to love the easiness life brings, and that’s what Christmas and Santa make us feel every time the holidays are approaching.


Tradition, Christmas, Red Santa Hat, And Us

Christmas has been many family’s traditions for years.   Some will visit their relatives (grandparents especially), friends will gather together for a feast, others would go to the malls to see Santa and have a picture with him.


The red Santa hat is very appealing for children, but sometimes his chubby looks frighten them, and the unfamiliar face makes them cry.   But still, they will take cute pictures, and these are what they will hold on as they grow old.   The happiness Christmas and Santa had brought to their family.


Fight Your Depression That Comes With Christmas

But the luxurious celebration is not always perfect as it seems, as there are those who feel lonely missing someone they love.  Christmas can intensify feelings both of happiness and sadness.  The sense of isolation, financial pressure, and family conflict make them feel stressful and anxious.


The excessive commercialism, wrong focus on material things (gifts), and giving weight to expecting a perfect social event, added to the depression as they feel inadequate as the holiday approach.


Fight the feeling of depression by volunteering, joining festivities, attending community events.  It’s the busiest time of the year that events and activities are held everywhere.  Businesses and establishments are hiring Santa to give joy to passersby of all ages and life status.  You might want to try on his red suit.


Let The Lights Come On

Our city is no different when celebrating Christmas.  A crisis may have hit our city and many families in the past years, but with the economic boom and jobs coming in, this Christmas is hoped to be another eventful day for everyone to celebrate.


Passing on one of the parks in Lubbock, we already saw a man in his Santa costume.   Lubbockites happily gather to see and have a picture with him.  There were bright lights and live band music, probably welcoming the approaching holidays.


Anyone who might happen to be there, feeling depressed and lonely that day, might have felt something familiar, the joy and excitement the season brings.


I, myself, is looking forward to the light parade and more events that will be held at the downtown.  The officials in our city at La Mesa are already busy preparing for the event, anticipating visitors and tourists.


But more than anything, I look forward to the Christmas Eve where our family gathers together to create memories, with the traditional dishes my mom and grandma prepares, exchanging and the opening of gifts, lighting up of our Christmas tree, and hugging, kissing, and never-ending loving each one wholeheartedly gives.


Many unimaginable things will continue to change in the coming centuries, I just hope that the way we celebrate Christmas and Santa spirit will stay.


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